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"The Teen Sherpa team transformed my child's outlook on the college admissions process. He felt empowered, inspired and confident because he had found his purpose and direction after many months of procrastinating."
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Identified my core strengths and defined my overall goals

I am very happy with my college choice! Eileen coached me through the college application process and helped me shape my composition portfolio for Yale. The portfolio options/requirements for composers were very broad. Eileen was extremely detail oriented and helped me refine my composition choices, focusing them to tell a story that was geared specifically towards Yale and its community. She also provided me with a lot of advice about how to continue pursuing music, both academically and extracurricularly, at Yale.
Josh G
Composition and Anthropology major at Yale

Encouraging and Positive Attitude

Eileen's reassurance helped me gain confidence in my end goal, and her continued advice gave me direction. I can say with 100% confidence that I would not have gotten into any of the Top-20 ranked colleges that I did without her guidance. Eileen is incredibly knowledgeable with essay editing, she also has insider information, but what makes her irreplaceable is her never-give-up attitude. Ultimately, with Eileen's help, I was able to finish 25 applications and receive acceptances from multiple Top-20 ranked schools in the US. Thank you, Eileen! Keep being your dedicated, devoted, and driven self. I’ll miss you. And to Eileen’s future students: Don’t worry, you’re in good hands.
Rice University, accepted to Vanderbilt and Pomona

Delightful, strategic, and endlessly supportive!

Eileen is such a delightful person to work with and never fails to be endlessly supportive. I was hesitant to apply to the BROWN BS/MD program (PLME) but she convinced me that I had a chance to gain acceptance. We spent many hours honing my profile and working on my essays. We often laughed together, while strategizing for my interview video and essays. Eileen also offered very useful life and career choice advice, which took out much of the stress of the application process. She always made time for me when I needed it and went above and beyond to be a really excellent counselor. She is also the very definition of "grammar police" and will help you tremendously with achieving your college admissions goals! I cannot recommend Eileen enough!
Debra, Class of 2024
Admitted to Brown University BS/MD program. This program admits students straight from high school on a direct path to medical school (1.8% acceptance rate).

Enjoyable while also very productive

Eileen was integral to my success in the college application process! She is such a kind and genuine person, and cares about her students greatly. After every meeting, she would send me a detailed summary of what we discussed in the session and my action items, which kept me organized and focused. She even listened to my piano audition tapes and asked for me to send more! Eileen is incredibly knowledgeable in many areas. To help me figure out where to apply, Eileen would share news about various universities, as well as her observations from recent university visits. She would also share how her past students were liking the universities they were attending. Eileen stays up to date with the technology world and was able to refine my supplements across all subjects, from technology to music to identity. When working on my essays, she would suggest large changes to better answer the prompt as well as take the time to make small grammatical changes. I thoroughly benefitted from Eileen’s writing expertise. Meeting with Eileen every week helped me stay on top of my applications and supplemental essays. Our sessions were enjoyable while also very productive! I would not have been able to apply to and be accepted to my dream schools if not for Eileen. I will be attending Carnegie Mellon in the fall that was accepted to my top three colleges, including USC and Northwestern! Thank you, Eileen and Teen Sherpa!
Ella, class of 2024
Admitted to Carnegie Mellon

Constant Support and Incredible Mentor

Throughout the college application process, my counselor, Eileen served as a constant support and an incredible mentor. Eileen would go through my essays and make sure I had a clear, concise, and memorable responses to the questions asked. With Eileen’s expertise on music and science programs at various schools, I was able to explore and discover more colleges and broaden my perspective of these schools and programs as well. Through Eileen’s guidance, I got into my ultimate dream college: Barnard College of Columbia University, which only had a 6.5% acceptance rate this year. I cannot thank Eileen and Teensherpa enough for their help! Thank you so much again for playing such a crucial role throughout my college application journey!!
Amruta T.
Barnard/Columbia Class of 2027

Patient, geniunely interested, and highly recommended

I have worked with Eileen and Teensherpa since ninth grade, and it has been a wonderful experience every step of the way! Over the four years, Eileen was my coach, helping me discover what I am genuinely interested in and patiently guiding me toward my college and career goals. At first, I was planning on a pre-veterinary or pre-med pathway; however, after working with Eileen, she helped me realize my skills and interests pointed in the direction of legal studies/pre-law. Soon, we started researching various extracurriculars to jump into as well courses geared toward my true passions and career direction. At the end of the college application season this spring, I had been admitted many very prestigious schools with scholarship money and to USC Gould School of Law undergraduate law program (less than 5% acceptance rate). I will attend USC in the fall of 2024. Words cannot express my gratitude for Eileen’s support including the last-minute essay review sessions, and for helping me develop a successful college list. I cannot recommend Eileen highly enough!
Sam - Class of 2024 and USC class of 2028 :
(accepted to Loyola Marymount and Chapman with a 80% merit scholarship, University of Michigan, U Penn, UC Irvine, UCSB, Pitzer, among others).

Gratitude and College Decisions

I wanted to reach out and express how grateful I am for all the help you provided during my college application process. From essay editing to information, to interview help, and more, your help made the process so much easier and got me into my top school, UCLA! I got into UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music for Music Industry and History Studies and committed yesterday! I am so excited and definitely couldn't have done it without you and Teen Sherpa's resources.
UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music

Knowledgeable and Enthusiastic

I absolutely loved having Eileen as my counselor! She helped me create an insightful and ambitious college list, taking my academic and extracurricular interests into consideration. Eileen was knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and working with her on applications made my admission season so much easier and more enjoyable than I ever thought it could be. She gave me so many writing tips that I never would have thought of, and my essays turned out incredible. Thanks to Eileen, I have committed to one of my top choice schools ( and was accepted to 4 of my top choices). I know I would not have been accepted without her guidance. Thank you so much Eileen, and go UC Berkeley Golden Bears!
UC Berkeley

Easy to Work With and Detail Oriented

The college application process for performing arts students is crazy, and when I started I was really lost, but Eileen made it easy to understand and a lot less scary than it seemed. She is very reassuring and easy to work with but also very detail oriented. Eileen took most of the stress out of the whole process. She was amazing to work with and now I am a happy Freshman at USC!
Alexandra O
Theatre major at the University of Southern California

Career Changing Success Story

Dr. Weiss had a client who was unsure of her career path. After administering the Meyers-Briggs, the Strong Interest Inventory, and the Cognitive Battery (WAIS-IV), Dr Weiss discovered many strengths of which her client was unaware. Her visual spatial abilities, as well as her personality type came to the forefront with this assessment, revealing a career that would be the most fulfilling and enjoyable for her, personally, vocationally, and cognitively. Two years later this client finished her last year of architectural graduate school, Dr. Weiss has followed her with check-ins every four to five months, and is pleased to see that this client is extremely successful and happy. Recently she was offered an excellent position at a top- notch architectural firms.

Highly Recommend!

We came to Dr. Weiss to understand why our bright 8th grader struggled so much in school. From the 4th grade onward, getting schoolwork done and good grades were a challenge. Dr Weiss discovered he had difficulties encoding auditory information. We also learned he was very intelligent (high 90’s percentile) in many sectors. What a relief to put a name to our frustration - and to see his other intelligence scores! Patti was extremely warm and thorough working with our son. She was immediately able to put him at ease during several testing sessions. She is also gifted in explaining her findings and connecting the dots for us. Perhaps best of all, my son’s confidence has been restored. He knows it is not his basic intelligence, and this has been key and very timely for my middle schooler. I highly recommend working with Dr. Weiss!
Group project meeting

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