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About Teensherpa

We're an ambitious team with a shared mission.

Forging a path towards success doesn’t have to be an insurmountable challenge - with Teensherpa your teen will feel empowered and inspired.
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Our Mission

Whether your teen is college bound or looking for career guidance and a life plan, we will position them for success by identifying her/his (their) innate talents and strengths.

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Company Overview

Between our team of licensed experts and compassionate professionals we help families by creating a life path and a career path for their teen.

Our Approach

We approach our students as individuals and look at their specific and unique needs using evidence based methods and years of experience.

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We use the most current research into student achievement to help identify their area of potential success
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We meet with students individually to learn what motivates them and how to tap into their latent talents.
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We create an open dialogue between students and their families about what their path forward may look like and how best to meet their goals.

Our Team

Meet Our Experts

Patricia Weiss

Patricia Weiss, PhD

Dr. Weiss specializes in neuropsychological assessments for middle and high school students and also tests young adults for ADD/ADHD and various other focusing/concentration difficulties.  She has completed over 3500 assessments, leading to 99% success rate in obtaining test accommodations. She has also helped teens and young adults develop life plans through a series of tests such as the strong interest inventory. Patti prides herself on being warm and caring, creating a positive relationship with each client, and tailoring her assessments in every case for maximum success.

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Dr. Weiss was born and raised in Sausalito, attending Marin Country Day School and Tam High. One of her formative experiences was a gap period prior to enrolling at UC Berkeley, during which she traveled for 18 months through Greece, Turkey, Afghanistan, India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. She learned Hindi and Urdu, which inspired her to major in South Asian Languages, and currently offers services in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Hindi, and Urdu.

After graduating from UC Berkeley, Dr. Weiss spent several years working in translation, including with the FBI, and then entered graduate school, earning her Ph.D. in Neuropsychology in 1999 from Palo Alto University. Dr. Weiss studied under Drs. Amy Wisniewski, Michael Shore and Phil Erdberg, all experts in neuropsychological testing. She later spent a total of 15 years, including pre- and post-doctoral training, at McAuley Neuropsychiatric Institute for Adolescents at St. Mary's Hospital in San Francisco.

Dr. Weiss leads a rich and active life outside of her practice. In her free time, she surfs; studies aerial skills at the Circus Center in San Francisco; studies ballet and modern dance at the ODC Dance Center four times per week; and is currently learning Arabic and Farsi. She is also an accomplished violinist who has guested with the Gipsy Kings on three North American tours and performed and composed music for five feature films, including The Truth About Cats and Dogs. She continues to perform occasional shows with her string quartet.

Eileen Blum-Bourgade, BA and MM

Eileen Blum- Bourgade, a Stanford BA ( Music/ French) and holds a UCLA certification in college counseling, and has wide-ranging experience in working with high school students with an emphasis in the performing arts and the sciences. Eileen has also guided students interested in tech and finance, customizing their college list by helping them determine the right college “fit,” and preparing a compelling college application. She has a strong track record in academic advising and positioning teens for success, whether or not they are college bound.

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Eileen received a BA from Stanford University as a Music and French double major. She has certification in college counseling from UCLA continuing studies and is a member of WACAC, the Western Association of College Counselors.

Eileen performed as a professional violinist in the New York Metropolitan Area. She also worked as an equity analyst at Bear Stearns (NY), Lazard Freres (Paris) and Colony Capital (Paris) as a financial analyst, editor and translator.

Eileen grew up in Northern California and was a competitive gymnast in her youth. After Stanford, while pursuing her master's degree in music, Eileen founded the " Trio Celeste" and performed with that group while working as a music manager for Columbia Artist Management in New York. Eileen then lived and worked in France for 12 years and has raised 4 bilingual children, all musicians in their own right.

Currently, Eileen is on the Board and Academic Affairs Committee of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. She is an avid runner and skier and life long learner.

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