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How Teensherpa Will Make Your Student’s College Admissions Process Virtually Stress-Free

Like the Sherpas of the Himalayas, our team will help you carry the weight up the seemingly overwhelming “mountain” that is the college admissions and life planning process.

In recent years, there has been enormous pressure on teens to excel both in the classroom and in their extracurricular activities—ultimately to get into the "right" schools. However, there is not an exact formula for college acceptance since every college has a different admissions process.

For a teen, it can be overwhelming to make all of these major life decisions.

It’s not always easy for your teen to find a school program that matches his or her strengths and interests. With the help of an academic coach and teen life planner, you and your student can wade through the uncertainty and get on the right path to academic success. By hiring one of Teensherpa’s experts, your family is choosing admissions strategy coaches with years of insight into the college admissions process, giving your teen all of the resources they need to get into his or her dream school. Let’s explore some of the ways Teensherpa prepares your teen for his or her future.

One-on-One Expert Advice With Our College Strategy and Academic Coaches

Teensherpa will get to know your teen’s strengths and motivations with individualized academic coaching 

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If your teen needs some extra academic attention, Teensherpa can help.

When your student begins the college admissions process, it can feel overwhelming because there are so many important choices to make that affect his or her chances of being admitted. Many parents and teens feel completely unprepared or lost because there are too many options. 

Luckily, Teensherpa can simplify this process! By offering individualized academic and college admissions coaching that highlight the strengths that make your teen unique, our licensed experts can draw from the latest academic research to determine your teen’s abilities and motivations. With this feedback, our coaches establish an academic plan and plan of extracurricular activities that will make your teen stand out!

Through Teensherpa’s one-on-one counseling, our experts use evidence-based assessments to hone-in on your student’s innate strengths and interests to construct a life plan, whether or not your teen chooses to attend a 4 year college.

Individualized College Admissions Planning and Strategy

If your teen has a “dream school” in mind, Teensherpa will give them the tools to gain admission

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Find the right tools for your teen’s success with Teensherpa.

If not everyone goes to the same college, then why are most college admissions courses the same? For too long, many students have been participating in a one-size-fits-all college preparation process. For many kids, these courses do not provide any help outside of the advice on standardized tests and admissions essays. 

When you choose Teensherpa, you are giving your child all of the specialized tools she needs to excel. The experts at Teensherpa create plans that are completely customized. 

By identifying your student’s talents, interests, and learning styles, Teensherpa prioritizes both your both teen’s fulfillment and happiness alongside his or his or her academic goals. Our experts will provide coaching on how to optimize your teen's extracurricular activities by coaching them to excel in their areas of strength. Teensherpa will also help your student make the most of his or her academic profile and customize their application to meet the needs of every college to which she applies. 

Vocational Testing Will Set Your Teen on the Right Career Path

Choosing a career path is often a challenge for prospective college students. Teen Sherpa takes the guesswork out of career planning with vocational testing

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Career guidance is one of the most important aspects of college preparation!

If your teen is unsure of the next step she should take after high school, that is 100% okay! Choosing a career path as a teenager is intimidating and many kids are rightfully hesitant when it comes to choosing a career, or even an intended major. 

To help teens who are still undecided about their future, Teensherpa uses vocational testing. Our college admissions experts begin by conducting an interview and taking note of the most notable strengths or challenges that your teen may face during the application process. Next, we perform a series of assessments to evaluate how your teen operates cognitively, behaviorally and emotionally. We then meet with your teen to discuss a plan based on all of the information collected, creating a holistic strategy that matches skills and personality type.

Academic Coaches Can Ease College Admissions Stress

Our years of experience will help take the uncertainty out of the college admissions process

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With an effective academic and life planning coach, your teen can better manage the stress of the college admissions process.

When your family begins the application process, you may question if your teen is on the right track. With the amount of extracurricular activities and advanced classes required in high school, it may seem like there is no time to focus on college admissions preparation. 

Teensherpa is here to help mediate some of the stress that affects students and parents alike. With our team’s help, your teen will feel like she has the admissions process under control. Many underestimate the amount of time and energy it takes to put together a solid admissions plan. Let Teensherpa remove some of the stress and provide much needed guidance through the uncertainty of the application process.

If you are one of the many parents overwhelmed by the college admissions process, a teen life planning and academic coach can guide your student down the road to success. We all know that raising children takes a village, and Teen Sherpa is ready to be a part of that village! Don’t hesitate to reach out for help, contact Teensherpa so that we can start helping your family today. 

Like the Sherpas of the Himalayas, our team will help you carry the weight up the seemingly overwhelming “mountain” that is the college admissions and life planning process.

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